The symbolism, planned or unplanned, of a former Medal of Honor recipient who has voluntarily returned to active duty nearly twenty years after winning his Medal is quite appealing.   See Colorado Independent story hereCOL Gordon Roberts (a Univ. of Dayton grad, Go Flyers!–p. 21) apparently read LTC Lakin his Art. 31(b) rights today and took away LTC Lakin’s Pentagon access and computer.

5 Responses to “Medal of Honor Recipient Reads Birther LTC Art. 31(b) Rights”

  1. Dwight Sullivan says:

    I can’t believe the LTC Lakin story now has a University of Dayton connection. What next, a LAX angle to the case, perhaps?

  2. Christopher Mathews says:

    Deep down inside, I hope this isn’t mere coincidence. It would be nice to see that the military has learned how to control the narrative from the beginning … something that we have conspicuously failed to do in quite a large number of previous high-profile cases.

  3. John O'Connor says:

    Next we’re going to hear that the Government brought in Mr. Apprendi to read Lakin his rights at the University of Dayton.

  4. John Harwood says:

    Sweet! Quite a juxtaposition – heroism vs. cowardice?

  5. Anonymous says:

    stupidity more than cowardice I think. Absolute, mind-boggling, Earth-shattering stupidity.

    Said respectfully of course since he for the moment outranks me.