According to this WRAL report, the members began sentencing deliberations in the Hennis case at 1445.

And here’s a link to a Fayetteville Observer report concerning the military judge’s decision to exclude testimony in the prosecution’s rebuttal case that Master Sergeant Hennis was kicked out of helicopter flight training in 1984 for reasons including bounced checks.

One Response to “Members begin deliberations on Hennis sentence”

  1. Anonymous says:

    OFFICER EVALUATION REPORT (OER) DA Form 1059-1. I would think that this News Article isn’t correct. Had he been Discharged from A (DA) School for Misconduct, he would have been dismissed from the Army for failing A (DA) School. I can’t tell you how many soldiers were removed from the Army for Failing BNCOC or ANCOC. There is probably A reason why the judge didn’t allow this. Other that what the Newspapers have stated. Just like in An Earlier report this Website said WRAL was wrong about there write up. So what make this one more Accurate?