According to this Fayetteville Observer report, this afternoon the military judge presiding over the Hennis capital court-martial changed his mind and decided against instructing the members concerning parole eligibility in response to a question from the members.  He instead reiterated that “life means life” and told the members they should “draw no other inference” from that statement.

2 Responses to “Hennis judge returns to original plan and reiterates to members that “life means life””

  1. Anonymous says:

    According to the local News. They took A vote 45 minutes ago wasn’t uniamous. A Panel member came out and asked The MJ was that an official vote and further instructions. I heard it on WRAL news live at Five. Is all Military Trials this Confusing?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My understanding is, they can certainly take another vote if the verdict was unanimous for the death penalty, but they’d have to follow the rules for reconsideration and would have to do it before announcement of the sentence in open court.

    The question is do the same rules apply if the initial vote was not unanimous for the death penalty.