Here is a link to a copy of the Joint Forces Special Operations Component Command – Iraq media fact sheet.  I want to thank the PAO at JFSOCC-I for sending that along.  The highlights of the fact sheet are:

  • SO2 Keefe’s trial begins April 19, SO1 Huertas’ trial begins April 22.
  • CDR Carlos remains the military judge and will preside over the trial at Camp Liberty, Iraq.
  • The factsheet oddly states the following, “Detainee making accusations: Ahmad Hashim Abd Al-Isawi.”  The charge sheets, here, list an unnamed SOCCENT member as the accuser and MG Cleveland’s letter, here, said the charges “were initially raised by other US servicemembers.”  Guess the Navy will have to manage that issue.
  • The witness that SO1 Huertas charge of impeding an investigation was an attempt to “influence the testimony of another SEAL.”

Still nothing on the pleadings front as all the players (RLSO, PAO, etc.) are denying my request for copies of motions or responses.  Still have requests in to the JFSOCC-I SJA office and Trial Judiciary.  Since Camp Liberty isn’t exactly a car/metro ride away, we’ll have to rely on whatever press is allowed in the Camp Liberty courtroom (if any?)–which is not even close the same as analyzing the witness proffers that we are requesting.  Coverage so far has been relatively short on facts or law. Update:  While restoring the link in the post, the JFSOCC-I SJA said I should submit a FOIA request to the RLSO Midlant.  Now I see why the Reporter’s Committe for Freedom of the Press is so frustrated with MilJus.

2 Responses to “SEAL Courts Martial in Iraq Update”

  1. drbramwell says:

    Where is the link to the fact sheet?

  2. Anonymous says:

    If they won’t let you restore the link to the fact sheet, can you retrieve it from your computer, scan it, and email it to me (and others who request it)?