Phil Cave’s Court-Martial Practice blog has a piece here linking to reports that Specialist Marc Hall will be administratively discharged rather than court-martialed for making threats against other members of his unit.

5 Responses to “Bad anti-stop loss rap song case ends with administrative discharge”

  1. michael k says:

    Chapter 10.

    Now there’s a beat we can all dance to.

  2. Bridget says:

    I was hoping to see Phil go to trial and name an expert who would be much more fun than Bill Smith’s Soupy Sales court-martial. Unfortunately he settled for a good result for his client.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Please, no white man dance.

  4. Phil Cave says:

    Sorry not my case. Would have been interesting and rewarding.
    I think we may see more of these type of cases. Perhaps not as flamboyant or rapturous.
    With all of the “speech” cases circulating at the moment, and the heightened awareness since Hasan, there will come a time when the courts have to revisit the boundaries of military “free speech” vis a vis “threats” to harm.
    For example, the Marine at Pendleton with his MySpace, or even — dare I say it — LTC Lakin.

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