Here’s an AP report on the first day of SO1 Huertas’s court-martial.

2 Responses to “Recap of day 1 of SO1 Huertas’s court-martial”

  1. Some Army Guy says:

    Interestingly, to me from my seat, is that DeMartino’s testimony is the most important to the case — and the AP buries that at the bottom.

  2. Cheap Seats says:

    I thought the part that looked buried was:

    Of the 11 witnesses who testified — half of whom are special forces or intelligence officers who cannot be publicly identified — only one other said he saw convincing evidence of the assault. The SEAL commander who oversaw the raid testified he revisited Abed in his holding cell a few hours later and noticed dried blood around his mouth and a blood stain “bigger than a softball” on his clothes that he did not remember being there before.
    The commander said he reported the evidence of abuse to his superiors, launching the investigation.

    Looks like the “commander”‘s testimony was pretty big…