The AP reports here that the trial of SO2 Keefe will start in Iraq tomorrow in front of a different panel.

The AP report also provides these details:

Huertas did not take the stand to defend himself, but is expected to testify in Keefe’s trial, which begins Friday at the military base in Baghdad. Lombardi said Huertas is expected to offer few, if any, details of the case, and will testify that he was cleared of the same charge that Keefe also is accused of: dereliction of duty. Many of the same witnesses in Huertas’ trial also will testify in Keefe’s, although a new jury will be seated.

Under what theory would SO1 Huertas be allowed to testify to the members that he was found not guilty of dereliction?

4 Responses to “Another SEAL trial to start on Friday”

  1. Bill says:

    Shows the lack of credibility of the prosecution???

  2. JWS says:

    Col. Sullivan:
    You would know better than I. That said, what are the odds that:
    1. The Keefe panels does not know the Huertas verdict; &
    2. The Keefe panel actually cares?

  3. Rob M says:

    Might be simplistic, but it seems like that would be inadmissible hearsay. M.R.E. 803(22) allows admissibilty of judgments of conviction, but not acquittals.

  4. Charles Gittins says:

    Keefe went judge alone; no panel.