TPMMuckraker has a very helpful piece here concerning the current status of the Lakin case.  The piece quotes a statement from Walker Reed Army Medical Center spokesman Chuck Dasey including the following information:

Following the preferral of charges, and service of the charges on LTC Lakin, the Medical Center Brigade Headquarters Company Commander forwarded the charges to the Acting Medical Center Brigade Commander with a recommendation to dispose of the charges at a General Court-Martial. The Acting Medical Center Brigade Commander, in her capacity as the Summary Court Convening Authority, directed the appointment of an Article 32, UCMJ pre-trial investigation to inquire into the truth of the matters set forth in the charges and to secure information to determine what disposition should be made of the case in the interest of justice and discipline.

The date for the Article 32 investigation has not been set. Upon receipt of appointment orders, The Article 32 Investigating officer will establish a hearing date.

The TPMMuckraker piece also includes this quote from LTC Lakin issued in a press release today from the American Patriot Foundation: 

I invited my court martial, and today I stand ready to answer these charges. I was prepared to deploy if only the President would authorize the release of the proof of his eligibility. He refused, and now the court will determine the issue, and my fate. The constitution matters. The truth matters.

4 Responses to “LTC Lakin’s officer exercising summary court-martial jurisdiction directs Article 32 investigation”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Total nutcase. 706 board is what this loon needs.

  2. Bill C says:

    Here’s an interesting scenario: What if the 32 IO grants the defense discovery request to produce whatever documents they are seeking?

  3. joe says:

    In case anyone is curious, the SPCMCA is the NARMC (north atlantic regional medical command) 2 star (who is also the walter reed installation cdr). The GCMCA is the two star commander of MDW / JFHQNCR(military district of washington / joint forces HQ, national capitol region).

    Unless it has changed recently.

  4. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Two thoughts:

    (1) the chance that the IO would consider any documents within the possession of the government concerning President Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as President to be “relevant to the investigation,” R.C.M. 405(g)(1)(B), is about the same as the chance that I’ll win the Powerball — without having bought a ticket.

    (2) As a general matter, no subpoena can be issued for purposes of an Article 32 investigation, so an IO doesn’t even have the power to compel, say, the State of Hawaii to produce a copy of the President’s birth certificate. The only way a subpoena could be issued at this stage would be for the “convening authority who has the charges for disposition” to order a deposition. R.C.M. 702(b). The chances of that happening are about the same as the chance of me winning both the Powerball and the MegaMillions — without having bought a ticket.