Here is a WaPo piece on the DoD/DoJ/White House refusal to comply with 2 of 4 requests by Senator Lieberman’s and Collins’ for information relating to the Ft. Hood shootings and DoD’s investigation of failures to intervene regarding Maj. Hasan’s performance and growing radical Islam influence.  Here is DoD’s official statement on their release of some of the requested informationn and Senator Lieberman’s take on it, here.  Prior CAAFlog coverage here.

3 Responses to “Executive Branch Defies Congressional Subpoena in Hasan Inquiry”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good, it’s all politicking by Lieberman et al. who want to create some grand terrorist conspiracy out of this.

    Let the trial run its course and then you can politic it til the cows come home.

  2. anonymous says:

    unchecked political correctness led to this?

  3. Snuffy says:

    A concise, witty, AND pithy comment. That’s why we keep comin’ back here.