A roundup of interesting tidbits from this AM:

  • Continued interest here (TPM) in LTC Lakin’s attorney in his quest to be court-martialed and finally get a copy of Pres. Obama’s “birth certificate.”
  • Canadian battelfield murder or mercy killing court-martial still on-going, see CTV coverage here.  Video of the alleged victim shown during trial. 
  • RCM 706 panel finds Spec. Velez competent to stand trial in alleged murder of contractor in Iraq, Honolulu Star coverage here.  According to the Star, the same panel also found that Velez “had suffered ‘a short psychotic episode’ when the shooting occurred in a Ford SUV.”
  • Army Times story, here, about the husband and father of the victims in the MSgt Hennis court-martial.
  • Last, but certainly not least, is a WingNutDaily piece, here, attacking the FoxNews piece we covered here and the military justice folks quoted in the article as saying LTC Lakin has no hope of getting Pres. Obama’s birth certificate in court-martial discovery.


2 Responses to “Interest in LTC Lakin Attorney Continues and Other News”

  1. Anonymous says:

    A correction to the piece on Velez.
    The convening authority approved Mr. Rini, Dr. Jason, and Dr. Grieger prior to trial based on a defense request for expert assistance. The issue now is the standard bureaucratic problems of getting the contracts done so the experts can begin their initial evaluation.
    The convening authority also granted a defense request for a verbatim transcript of thirty two witnesses who testified over three days at the Article 32.
    The RCM 706 found an Axis I “short psychotic episode.” In the DSM IV the “diagnosis” of “brief psychotic disorder” is found at 298.8.

  2. Rob M says:

    For those with a general interest, the Hawaii legislature is considering a law to ignore the birthers. Shouldn’t affect this court martial, for the reasons exhaustively detailed already by multiple posts here, but a nice bit of trivia.