We just received word that the trial of SO2 McCabe for the now well covered allegations of detainee abuse, will begin May 4 after motions hearings on May 3, 2010 at RLSO, Norfolk.  Proceedings begin on May 3rd at 9 am.

3 Responses to “SO2 McCabe Trial to Begin May 4”

  1. Thomas F. Hurley says:


    Didn’t Congress decide that these trials were an unnecessary infringement on the ability of warfighters everywhere to stop a mudhole in the b-hole of terrorism? Sometimes I wonder about this little lady we call military justice.

    Seriously…has everyone seen the My Lai documentary from PBS? It’s great. You can stream it live at the PBS website. (There’s also a documentary on the assasination of President Lincoln. Also a must-watch.)

    This should be mandatory for everyone that ever had to give an ROE/EOF class. Tons of parallels to the GWOT. (Maybe not to US v. McCabe. Don’t really know the facts of it.)

    Thanks for the website. It’s a daily stop anymore.

    Tom Hurley

  2. Christopher Mathews says:

    Tom, what does this phrase, “to stop a mudhole in the b-hole of terrorism,” actually mean?

    I’m thinking there are one or more typos there, but I’m really not sure.

    Agreed that the PBS website has some good content.

  3. Thomas F. Hurley says:

    Chris, I meant to type the word “stomp.” My bad. You’re right that the word “stop” changes the meaning a little bit. I’ve got to do a better job reviewing before I send this stuff out into cyberspace.

    I was trying to make a joke about the comments by various politicians that these SEAL trials should be stopped because they will punish servicemembers who were simply doing their duties.

    I will spend the next few minutes trying to stop a mudhole in the b-hole of my editor…damn…I meant to type ‘stomp’ again.