Our CAAFlog correspondent reports that proceedings in the SO2 McCabe special court-martial have been postponed until 1300 today in light of a defense motion.  As our readers know, Petty Officer McCabe is the SEAL charged with assaulting and allegedly attempting to cover up the assault of Ahmad Hashim Abd Al-Isawi after his capture in Iraq  See here and here among other coverage.

We don’t know the subject of the motion, but if this Google version of a recent O’Reilly Factor interview with Geraldo Rivera is any sign, maybe they are claiming UCI.  Here is an excerpt of the interview, which I can only describe as not high quality journalism:

O’REILLY: This Cleveland has the power to drop the cases.

RIVERA: It’s a close call. I’m not sure that he does.

O’REILLY: No, it’s not close. It’s not close. He could do it.

RIVERA: I’ve spoken to people close to him just today.

O’REILLY: But let him come on the air.

RIVERA: And they think that he is really being scapegoated in this case.

O’REILLY: No, I don’t believe it.

RIVERA: And he would like very much to do the right thing.

O’REILLY: Then do it.

RIVERA: And I think that–

O’REILLY: Then do it.

RIVERA: –well, maybe it comes from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. It’s very difficult for him to do it.

We’ll let you know what happens today at 1300.

2 Responses to “SO2 McCabe Hearing”

  1. Article16 says:

    Well-played, Geraldo.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it comes from POTUS?