We previously discussed three CAAF rule changes.  CAAF adopted the proposed rule changes yesterday.  The new rules, which take effect 1 July, are available here.

Supps and answers go from the longer of 30 pages or 14,000 wordsw to 25 pages or 9,000 words.  In practice, this means shrinking the max size of a supp prepared in Courier New from about 62 pages to about 41 pages.  The new word limitation is the same as that for cert petitions filed at the Supremes.  Replies shrink from 15 pages or 7,000 words to 10 pages or 4,000 words.

Supps in cases returning to CAAF following remand now must specify any issue on which certiorari would be sought, signaling a change to CAAF’s previous practice of automatically granting review of returning cases.

And Grostefon submissions to CAAF will now be capped at 15 pages.  The new Rule 21A also prescribes a format for presenting Grostefon issues.

One Response to “CAAF shrinks supps, limits Grostefon submissions”

  1. Gene Fidell says:

    In light of this rule change, appellate defense counsel may wish to give additional consideration to seeking certiorari even when they have secured a remand but less than the full relief sought, since there will no longer be any guarantee that the Court of Appeals will grant review if and when a case reaches it again following proceedings on remand, thus blocking access to the Supreme Court under the current statutory grant of certiorari jurisdiction.