Yes, there are other courts-martial still heading to trial or appeal.  Here are some highlights.

  • Ft. Hood is adding extra security for the Hasan Art. 32 hearing and likely trial.  The art. 32 is still scheduled for Jun. 1, 2010, though Hasan’s defense counsel has requested a continuance according to the Statesman.  Story here.  Interesting tidbit from the story that is likely to make it into a pleading some day:

Grimsley also said that Fort Hood officials are studying ways to memorialize the Nov. 5 rampage, the worst ever on a U.S. military base. Army officials are discussing ideas with the families of the 13 people killed and the more than 30 wounded in the attack.

Grimsley said a 13.1-mile memorial run is scheduled for Nov. 6. The half-marathon, in which participants would run a mile for each victim and a little extra in memory of a fetus killed in the shooting, would be accompanied by shorter runs, he said.

  • LTC Lakin and his attorney Paul Jensen are scheduled to appear on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 tonight, see WingNutDaily story here (including excerpts from Lakin’s charge sheet).  WND doesn’t disclose the name of the “very senior” Army defense counsel assigned to LTC Lakin.  Our best wishes go out to that individual.
  • In a case we mentioned before, it appears the court-martial of Sgt. Justin Boyle in a buddy-system gone bad incident at Ft. Bragg resulted in a post-trial hearing on UCI and member misconduct.  Unfortunately our friends at WND are the only ones covering recent developments in any substance, here.  What would have been a decent article gets hopelessly lost re-hashing other WND crusades.  A decent, but dated, LA Times story can be found here, and a Fayetteville Observer article covering the hearing on the motions is here.

The facts of the case are neatly summarized by the LA Times:

Pfc. Luke Brown died after a night of drinking at the Ugly Stick Saloon in nearby Fayetteville, N.C., in July 2008. Sgt. Justin Boyle, whose lawyer has said he was only trying to help an incapacitated buddy, was charged with involuntary manslaughter after using a chokehold to subdue Brown.

Boyle was convicted and sentenced to a BCD and 2 years confinement, according to the FayObs. article.  According to WND, the post-trial UCI and member misconduct motions failed.  WND says the case is pending clemency action by the CA. 

3 Responses to “Other Courts-Martial News”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Marine Corps has a possible capital case at Lejeune that is going under the radar.

  2. AGCMot says:

    Theres another Art.62 outta AFCCA that seems intresting seems to be evading the radar. Maybe just for now, the lasest from AFCCA just came out earlier this week and McCabe cast a huge shadow for other cases to hide under.

  3. Fran Boyle says:

    In the case of SGT Boyle.. Newsday did an extensive article that was published on March 14. The article is posted on my web site for those who are intersted in reading the story.