Phil Cave’s Court-Martial Trial Practice blog has this amusing post about a misspelling on LTC Lakin’s charge sheet.

5 Responses to “Amusing misspelling”

  1. ret1sgt says:

    Soo…How bad an “Ooopsie” is this? A minor or major Oooopsie?

    I have seen Article 15 paperwork and actions thrown out for things such as wrong charge/specification. Someone will get a legal clerk for this.

    Had one specifically where the soldier was charged with disrespect to an NCO, but the disrespected person was a Spec 6 at the time. Rather than a do over for disrespect to another soldier, the colonel threw it out.
    Specialist are classed as “soldiers” similar to privates and others not NCOs.

    Since we haven’t gone too far into the Art 32 procedure. Should the government be able to back track and fix is typo? It would be a shame to have to back out of a case that is so openly open/shut to most of us.

  2. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    That is pretty funny, even though I had to look up Calvary first.

    Puns, witticisms, and humorous religious allusions aside, I’d say this is an awfully minor scrivener’s error.

  3. Phil Cave says:

    It’s a minor error, an administrative error, that will in fact be cleaned up at the Article 32, UCMJ, hearing. That is one of the purposes of an Article 32.
    Also, even if it were discovered at trial no military judge would prevent the prosecution from hand changing the spelling.
    It’s a non-issue legally, but awfully punny.

  4. Phil Cave says:

    I’m shocked, shocked, that a man of your depth needed to look this up. Ooops did I just do another allusion – an allusion to your demise.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s not an error, give how much time LTC Lakin has spent on his cross…