Here’s a transcript of a Fox News interview with SO2 McCabe after his court-martial concluded.

3 Responses to “SO2 McCabe’s classy reaction to his court-martial’s outcome”

  1. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    I saw it live and my first reaction was here is a Petty Officer realizes his future is still in the hands of the CA that referred charges against him. His demeanor appeared to match his words, so good for him and his lawters.

  2. JWS says:

    I gather from what I have read on this blog, an Art 32 was not held because the matter was referred for a Special CM. Given the polictial interest & the state of the evidence, couldn’t Gen Cleveland have ordered one anyway? I realize this is hindsight, but wouldn’t an Art 32 have exposed how rotten this case was?

    And why do I think the civilian lawyers infecting DoD had a hand in this?

  3. Norbert Basil MacLean III says:

    JWS, whilst an Article 32 could have exposed that the case had fatal weaknesses, as you may know it’s not binding on the convening authority. A good example is my own case in 1992, at my Article 32 the IO held reasonable grounds didn’t exist to believe I committed the offences alleged and then stated the evidence was weak or non-existent. The charges still went to court-martial regardless. I believe in the SEALs case the UCMJ worked the way it’s supposed to work. We should all now let these SEALs get on with their duty of defending America.