There are 16 weeks left in CAAF’s term.  So far, the court has issued 32 opinions of the court.  Judge Stucky has authored 8 opinions, Judge Erdmann 7, Judge Ryan 6, Chief Judge Effron and Judge Baker 5 each, and one opinion has been issued per curiam.

Eleven of the cases that have been orally argued remain undecided.  And there’s a possibility that the court will issue a second Blazier opinion this term.  Also, 2 of the 32 opinions issued thus far were decided without oral argument.  It’s possible that CAAF will issue more such opinions this term.  But given the length of time remaining in the term and the small number of cases that have been argued but not decided, it seems unlikely that there will be an end-of-term dump this year.

One Response to “CAAF SitRep”

  1. RY says:

    Any idea how many cases remain granted but with no request for briefs or with no oral argument? For example, there’s the Melendez-Diaz waiver issue and there’s also at least one case dealing with indecent assault as an LIO of rape, for which oral argument was not scheduled pending the Jones opinion.