Here is a link to a UK story about an arrest warrant issued by an Afghan prosecutor, Brigadier General Ghulam Ranjbar, for a US military officer allegedly involved in the killing of Kandahar’s police chief, Matiullah Qateh, during a raid on the Kandahar courthouse.   The story reports that the officer, identified only as “Johnny,” organized local militia hit squads, stating that:

Ranjbar said an investigation found that the force that killed Qateh operated from Camp Gecko, in the hills outside Kandahar, a base for both US special forces and the CIA.

Officials in Kandahar said the militia supplies guards and is trained to work alongside special forces and intelligence officials in raids against Taliban targets.

“If you go to Kandahar, people say these guys pretend to be interpreters but they carry out night raids and assassinations,” said Ranjbar. “We hear lots of strange and shocking stories.”

He claimed that suspects arrested for the courthouse raid had confessed to being part of a 300-strong militia unit run by “Johnny”. They said they “could not move a muscle and could not leave their base without Johnny’s orders” Ranjbar said. “He was the head of the group and they [the Americans] were the ones paying them.”

Under the US exchange of notes with Afghanistan the warrant is probably ineffective, see our prior SOFA coverage here, but that might not stop locals from detaining the officer so I’ll keep an eye out for updates.  H/t to C-MTP.

2 Responses to “Afghan Prosecutor Issues Arrest Warrant for US Spec Ops Officer”

  1. Val says:


    An “Afghani” is the official currency of Afghanistan.

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Thanks Val, looks like you are correct. I guess I should know better than to trust journalists on such things, even the WSJ.