The April edition of the Army Lawyer is online here.  There’s not much of use to the military justice wonk, but there are a couple of items worth noting. 

First, Regimental Historian Fred Borch continues to enliven the Army Lawyer‘s pages with interesting vignettes from the Army JAG Corps’ past.  This edition features his two-page article on one Judge Advocate General of the Army who served in that capacity for a day, and his successor who served twice as long — for two days.  Fred Borch, TJAG for a Day and TJAG for Two Days: Brigadier Generals Thomas F. Barr and John W. Clous, Army Law., April 2010, at 1.

The second thing worth noting is a grammatical error on the edition’s cover.  Lynne Truss wrote a wonderful bestseller inspired by “redundant apostrophes.”  Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves 1 (2003).  She writes, “For any true stickler, you see, the sight of the plural word ‘Book’s’ with an apostrophe in it will trigger a ghastly private emotional process similar to the stages of bereavement, though greatly accelerated.  First there is shock.  Within seconds, shock gives way to disbelief, disbelief to pain, and pain to anger.  Finally (and this is where the analogy breaks down), anger gives way to a righteous urge to perpetrate an act of criminal damage with the aid of a permanent marker.”  Id. at 1-2.

If Ms. Truss will be visiting your home for tea, please be sure to remove your copy of the April 2010 Army Lawyer from your coffee table.  For there on its cover is this article title:  An Open Letter to Staff Judge Advocates, Area Claims Officers, Claims Attorneys’ and Claims Professionals. Please vandalize away, Ms. Truss.  I’ll supply the Sharpies.

3 Responses to “April Army Lawyer online”

  1. Jon says:

    Thanks. Apostrophe should have been a comma. We are making the correction ASAP in the electronic and print edition (which has not yet been printed). Hopefully, Ms. Truss will forgive us . . . her book sits across from me as I write this. As usual, appreciate your comments, both substantive and grammatical. Take care.

  2. Balkan Ghost says:

    The two articles on excess property disposal are sure to be well-read as the Iraq drawdown progresses.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jon,

    Even if Ms. Truss were able to forgive your sloppy punctuation, I’m quite sure your misuse of “hopefully” would exceed her tolerance. CheCk you gRammAar, siR.