• A convening authority at Ft. Polk, La. preferred  premeditated murder charges against an Army Major assigned to an ROTC unit at Tulane, see Times-Picayune coverage here.  Maj. Kelly is accused of murdering his wife on May 15, 2010.
  • The Vancouver Sun reports here that Canadian BGen Daniel “Is that a Gun in Your Pocket” Menard pled guilty to a charge of Art. 129, neglect to the prejudice of good order and discipline (Art. 129 of the Nat’l Defence Act).  The report states that the General was fined $3,500 after hearing these facts:

The charge of neglect causing prejudice to “good order and discipline” stemmed from a March 25th incident in which Menard’s personal weapon discharged twice as he prepared to leave Kandahar airfield on a Blackhawk helicopter accompanied by chief of defence staff Gen. Walt Natynczyk.

 A statement of circumstances said Menard’s rifle was on automatic, rather than safe, when he was preparing to depart and court heard that it fired within range of ten personnel near two armoured vehicles.

 Nobody was injured and Menard immediately asked for an investigation and told his troops about the incident — factors that should mitigate the sentence, prosecuting lawyer Lt-Col. Marylene Trudel told the court.

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