We’ve been following the cert petiition in Pendergrass v. Indiana, No. 09-866, a case concerning whether surrogate expert testimony complies with Melendez-Diaz.  The case has been distributed for the Supremes’ 10 June conference.  That means we’ll probably know whether it’s granted or denied on 14 June.

2 Responses to “Pendergrass cert petition distributed for 10 June conference”

  1. Balkan Ghost says:

    With the new A-Team movie coming out, how bout some CAAFlog coverage of their court-martial for the Crime they Did Not Commit?

  2. Frank Rosenblatt says:

    At a GCM with members, each member of this Special Forces A-Team was sentenced to 10 years confinement at a joint trial. (Charges not known… maybe beating a detainee then lying about it?)

    Their jailbreak must have been out of Leavenworth, based on the length of their sentence. No indication if the CA acted on any clemency request.

    Murdoch is described as a 36-year old Special Forces Colonel. This is theoretically possible if he was commissioned at 21, then was a double below-zone select for Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel, but he would be the only officer I know of to get three straight double-BZ selects.