LTC Lakin’s Article 32 investigation will be held in 16 days.  The guano is likely to get very deep over the next two weeks.  Today, the so-called King of the Birthers, Andy Martin, released a bizarre letter that His Majesty wrote to Army Chief of Staff General George W. Casey, Jr., available here.  I don’t have time to dissect it right now, nor will I return to the letter to do so later.  We’ve previously looked at the Supreme Court case law that definitively rejects His Majesty’s shallow analysis.  His Majesty also overlooks the Fourteenth Amendment and the historical example of Chester Arthur – the son of a British subject who became president 13 years after the Fourteenth Amendment was ratified.  (Dr. Conspiracy has a lot of useful things to say about the Chester Arthur historical precedent, available here.) 

If I come across a good debunking of the King of Guano’s letter to General Casey, I’ll post a link to it.  But that’s as much effort as I intend to waste on it.

40 Responses to “The King of Guano on the Lakin case”

  1. soonergrunt says:

    Col. Sullivan,
    I’m sure that GEN Casey gave this letter ALL the attention that it deserved, which is to say that he spent less time on it than you have with this posting.

  2. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Sooner Grunt, I hope you’re right. General Casey strikes me as an odd addressee in any event. I assume, but I’m not sure, that the convening authority for a court-martial of LTC Lakin would be Major General Horst, the Military District of Washington’s Commanding General. Army Lurker, are you still out there? Is that right?

  3. BigGuy says:

    At 2:30 the Internet Powerhouse posted his letter to Gen. Casey, at the same time announcing that his “press conference” had been postponed from 2PM to 4PM. As far as I can tell, there’s been no word from him since.

    I guess he released the letter online once he realized there would be no press to conference with.

  4. nbc says:

    Andy Martin’s press conferences typically attract one person, him including.

    Funny guy really

  5. Trevor says:

    I believe the underlying thrust of the “Internet Powerhouse” is….

    “All UR PayPal buttonz shuld belongz to me….”

  6. Gitmo JAG says:

    We should all take an additional moment to enjoy the sheer awesomeness of the following statement from Mr. Martin:

    “BHO had no ties to this country, yet through some process he deposited a ‘president’ on our soil.”

  7. Trevor says:

    I believe the aforementioned process is called “sex”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    wife, son? Yeah, no ties.

    How do these guys deal with Chester Arthur? Has anyone ever pointed out that he is the exact same as the current president? American mother, British father.

  9. nbc says:

    The argument is that Chester Arthur hid his father’s citizenship at his birth… Even though documents from those days show clearly otherwise.

    Cognitive dissonance is a tough affliction to overcome. Read the Newsweek article

    Why we believe lies, even when we are told the truth

    Some recent research helps us understand why some people self-select their “facts” to match their believes.

    How do these guys deal with Chester Arthur? Has anyone ever pointed out that he is the exact same as the current president? American mother, British father.

  10. anonymous says:

    …of the “non-martial” kind!

  11. JTS says:

    Realizing of course that the whole letter is ridiculous but that GEN Casey would probably want it at least explained to him (and more importantly why it is based on incorrect legal reasoning, etc.) in case he ever had to make an official statement about it, I would hate to be the JAG Officer detailed to write the memo to him explaining all the twists and turns over this issue. I hope if said JAG Officer is out there and reading this, he/she looks at Col. Sullivan’s previous analysis since it might save him/her some precious time that could be used for other, more pressing issues like, ohh I don’t know, the wars…

  12. Kenneth Olsen says:

    I’m fascinated by those intent on explaining away, with the finest legal reasoning, the bizarre behavior of the prez.

    But I’m not here to criticize; I’m here to help! Check out Jack Cashill’s theorizing on why the prez is so intent on hiding such an easily producible and innocuous document. His great work is available at cashill dot com…

  13. Anonymous says:

    yawn, and if he did, you give us the other five reasons why he isn’t eligible to be president, right?

  14. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Thanks for asking, but you’re out of order. It ain’t about me or what I’d do.

    The fact is that Obama’s intent on not producing the long form certificate.
    In legal proceedings, as in life, the original long form birth certificate is “the best evidence” of an individual’s birth facts. His refusal to produce it is bizarre, and all the rules and adverse judicial rulings in the world won’t change that.

  15. soonergrunt says:

    It is precisely about what you’d do. He produced the official, certified legal copy and you’re on about the vault copy. The state of Hawaii says he can’t have the vault copy to produce because they don’t give that to anyone, and you’re on about why he won’t produce the vault copy. If Hawaii produced the vault copy, you’d demand your own ‘expert’ to determine whether or not it was a forged document. If it was determined to be a completely legally valid document, you’d go on about how you can’t be sure that it wasn’t created years later after the fact by somebody with access as part of the conspiracy. And so on, and so on, ad infinitum.
    You’re like a 9/11 truther, only not as creative.

  16. soonergrunt says:

    I rather suspect that this gentleman does not understand how the Army actually works and thinks that GEN Casey has anything to do with the case at all. Apparently he doesn’t understand or know about the bar against unlawful command influence.
    Either that, or he seems to harbor some fantasy that GEN Casey will order the 10th Mountain Division to sieze the White House and the ‘interloper’ therein, now that he’s been shown clear and covincing…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ken, noticed you didn’t answer my question.

    You didn’t say, but of course, if he provided a valid birth certificate I’d say oops sorry and speak no more of it.

    I’m truly sorry for you that there is a black man in the White House. I know how tough that must be for you. I’m SURE if John McCain had won you’d be equally inquisitive of finding out whether or not he was actually born in the Canal Zone or outside it.

  18. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Funny how worked up you dudes carry on about me, when it ain’t about me at all.

    Your president has already confessed to serial instances of illegal drug use, which were criminal activities, and may have been felonies.

    On the other hand, Lakin’s long record of meritorious service in the armed forces is well-established.

    Yet you insist that we should trust the individual with a record of self-serving criminal activity over the individual with a record of selfless devotion to a cause above and beyond himself.

    Lakin’s actions speak for themselves, as do your choices of who to support in this case.

  19. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Mr. Olsen,

    Do you really have so little regard for democracy? Let’s see, what’s the difference between President Obama and LTC Lakin? Oh yeah, a majority of Americans who voted in the last election cast their ballots for President Obama, resulting in his victory in the electoral college and election as President (and, thus Commander in Chief of the Land and Naval forces).

  20. Dwight Sullivan says:

    p.s. — Mr. Olsen, are you a U.S. citizen? If so, then President Obama is your president, too.

  21. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Keeping track, your collective contention is I’m an uncreative, racist, 9/11 truther with little obvious regard for democracy. Whether any of that’s true or not will be left for others to decide, but it’s really irrelevant to the case at hand.

    We have a case before us where your prez refuses to sign a release for his original birth certificate to document his eligibility. This is an easy and uncomplicated task, and his refusal to do so is prima facie evidence of bad faith. That’s how he’s different from Lakin, who’s clearly acting in good faith.

    Therefore, those who excuse away Obama’s bizarre behavior have to be regarded as toadies.

    On a side note, you scholars, theorists and practitioners should check out the works of Dr. Thomas Szasz, who has written extensively on liberty, the law, and the common human practice of scapegoating. It will improve the quality of your life.

  22. soonergrunt says:

    {Keeping track, your collective contention is I’m an uncreative, racist, 9/11 truther with little obvious regard for democracy. Whether any of that’s true or not will be left for others to decide, but it’s really irrelevant to the case at hand.}
    Ummm, no. I said that you were “like a 9/11 truther, only not as creative.” In other words, I hold them in higher regard because at least their craziness is fun to watch.
    As for whether or not you are a racist, I’ll not that your site, speaks for itself, and I’ll add that the venn diagram of racists and birthers is nearly two concentric circles, and I’ll leave to others to make of that what they will, but I’ve seen enough of people like you that it’s not a huge leap to make the association.
    What little regard you have for democracy is rather obvious by your desire to overturn a free and fair election either through the courts or by military force simply because you don’t like the result.

  23. BigGuy says:

    The Certification of Live Birth that Obama produced is an official Hawaiian birth certificate, fully acceptable to all state and federal authorities as proof of the information therein.

    If you think more is required, the burden is on you to make a cogent legal argument for it, but keep in mind that we don’t normally require people to keep proving things they’ve already proved.

  24. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Mr. Olsen,

    It’s funny you would use the term “prima facie,” since President Obama’s Certification of Live Birth states, “This copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.” President Obama’s production of prima facie evidence that he was born in Honolulu hardly seems like “bizarre behavior.”

  25. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Dear Soonergrunt and Mr. Sullivan,

    It would be churlish of me not to concede the point on “like a 9/11 truther.” I noticed my error after my posting, and there is no track-back editing capability here.

    I will also concede I am a racist, but hardly in the manner it’s been suggested by you. My study of history has inculcated in me a deep and abiding fear of the human race. It’s best to regard members of that race, such as yourselves and our jive-ass president, with the profoundest skepticism and suspicion.

    Congratulations on finding my wonderful site, I would also recommend my other sites, including, but not limited to, It’s still under construction, but more is coming soon. You will be able to apply for admission at a low cost, and earn a diploma if you pass my tests.

    As for your love of democracy, isn’t it interesting that Obama gained such democratic momentum after the endorsement of Ted Kennedy? As the A&E American Justice documentary “Chappaquiddick” points out, the best evidence is insurmountable that the young Ted wasn’t even in the car when it went in the drink. Watch it and decide for yourself. If it’s true, then one of Obama’s biggest enablers on his route to power was, at the very least, guilty of giving a false statement to law enforcement officials.

    In closing, maybe Obama’s original long-form birth certificate says exactly the same things as his Certification of Live Birth. Maybe it doesn’t. Of course, if it did, there would be no conceivable need to hide it. And there would be no need to have expended so much time, energy, fundage, and verbiage on this issue. The fact that he’s perfectly willing to leave one of his officers twisting in the breeze over such a minor, tedious and simple detail, and your willingness to defend him on it, is as jive-ass as it gets.

  26. BigGuy says:

    @Mr. Olsen —

    It’s really remarkable that, more than two years after the presidential campaign opened and the birther theories started to surface, the best you can do is speculate that “maybe Obama’s original long-form birth certificate says exactly the same things as his Certification of Live Birth. Maybe it doesn’t” — and raise the subject of Chappaquiddick!

    If that’s your idea of a persuasive argument supported by evidence, it’s no wonder that birtherism hasn’t attracted a single credible adherent.

    Is that really the best you can do? Other than speculation and attempted guilt-by-association, what have you got?

  27. Dwight Sullivan says:


    Based on “Kenneth Olsen’s” last post, I can only assume we’re being punked. Maybe Kenneth Olsen is Sacha Baron Cohen’s lastest character.

  28. soonergrunt says:

    Since LTC Lakin’s assignment prior to these events was as Chief of the Pentagon Clinic, which is a satellite installation of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and he is now working at WRAMC, wouldn’t the CA be MG Carla Hawley-Bowland? She’s the current Commanding General, North Atlantic Regional Medical Command and Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

  29. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Mr Guy,
    There’s really nothing remarkable about it.
    I never claimed to know what is in Obama’s long form birth certificate.
    I support every citizen’s right to see it, and it’s Obama’s duty to provide it.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  30. BigGuy says:

    On what basis do citizens have the right to see it? Since the COLB proves when and where he was born, what distinguishes the document you want to see from any other personal data that a citizen might be curious about?

  31. Kenneth Olsen says:

    United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 1.
    Thanks for asking.

  32. soonergrunt says:

    {United States Constitution, Article 2, Section 1.
    Thanks for asking.}

    Funny, that article doesn’t say what you seem to think it says. Nothing in there about having to take extra steps to prove one’s citizenship by birth than anyone else.
    It says “Natural born Citizen” which could be construed to mean only citizens who weren’t delivered by cesarian section, but it doesn’t say anything else. Another part of the constitution, and lots of case law say that Obama is a citizen eligible to serve as president. It’s also irrelevant to LTC Lakin’s impending charges.
    Does anyone know if Obama was born vaginally? Cause that might be an issue.

  33. BigGuy says:

    You’re welcome, but you’ve completely ignored the principal point of my question. The COLB supplies all the birth data relevant to to Article II. I was asking why you feel citizens have the right to demand additional information once legal qualifications have been established.

  34. Kenneth Olsen says:

    We differ on whether legal qualifications have been established to a high enough standard.

    Thank you all for the opportunity to air my views, sources and recommendations.

    I’ll stick with the proven, honorable, honest guy and his simple request for the truth.

    You dudes are more than welcome to all the other stuff.

    Resting my case,

  35. BigGuy says:

    It is true, we differ. And in truth, no one cares what either of us thinks.

    That judgment is in the hands of our legal system. And our legal system has spoken, unequivocally and with overwhelming popular agreement: like him or not, Obama is our lawful President.

    No political decision will ever be to everyone’s satisfaction, and fortunately we live in a country where dissenters can freely air their views.

  36. soonergrunt says:

    Mr. Olsen, if you rest your case now, we’ll never know if you think that a person delivered by cesarian section can be President. I mean, doesn’t a C-Section fit the dictionary definition of ‘unnatural birth?’
    Because a person born on US soil to a US citizen parent is most definitely a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ under Art II, Sec 1 and the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, and hundreds of years of settled case law, and therefore constitutionally qualified to be President of the US. Not that ANY of that matters here because the charges that LTC Lakin is facing revolve around him disobeying orders from persons he knew to be commissioned officers who outrank him, orders that he knew about, and that he knew he had a duty to obey.
    I’d like an answer, please.

  37. Anonymous says:

    “Maybe Kenneth Olsen is Sacha Baron Cohen’s lastest character.”

    Maybe he is someone who got burned when DEC was bought out by COMPAQ.

  38. BigGuy says:

    You think? Maybe someone with C Street connections?

  39. Kenneth Olsen says:

    Only if you deliver it, soonergrunt,
    with nothing but your rapier wit.

  40. glenn says:

    Have you seen this? I am assuming it’s real.