CAAF’s web site links to this announcement in today’s Federal Register that CAAF is considering expanding e-filing. 

Under the new proposal, almost everything except joint appendixes and appendices to supps that exceed 50 pages could be e-filed.  (Certain administrative filings, such as applications for admission to the bar and petitions filed by the accused would still be filed in hard copy.)

This is a wonderful proposal that will save lots of time, lots of trees, and some gas as well.

Any comments to the proposed rule change must be made within the next 30 days.  Comments can be submitted here.

3 Responses to “Expanded e-filing proposal”

  1. Ama Goste says:

    I’ll really miss the trips to CAAF, especially the ample parking (ticket) opportunities.

  2. Weirick says:

    This is not a poor idea; but it is far from satisfactory. This is not electronic filing, this is merely the option to send an electronic version of pleadings. To truly get to the point of electronic filing, the CAAF must subscribe to PACER and CM/ECF.

    PACER is much more than just allowing an e-version of pleadings to be sent by email. PACER allows all parties, and the public, to view filed documents over the internet. This would do away with the need to submit FOIA requests, which are subject to the idiosyncrasies of individual military judges or courts.

    All Federal Courts, with the exception of the CAAF, are available on PACER. It is time for the CAAF to join all other Federal Courts. I have researched the issue and the CAAF is able to join PACER, it just has to apply.

  3. Dwight Sullivan says:

    As always, The Weirick speaks wisely. I second that motion.