The No Man wrote about a motions session in an Army capital case below.  Tomorrow a Marine, Pvt Jonathon Law, will be arraigned in a capital court-martial at Camp Lejeune.  Pvt Law’s defense counsel are LtCol John Baker — of United States v. Walker remand fame — and Maj Forrest Hoover.  Maj Joel Leggett is the lead TC.  The Circuit Military Judge, Col D. J. Daugherty, will be on the bench.

2 Responses to “Arraignment in Marine Corps capital case tomorrow”

  1. Jason Grover says:

    For those that don’t know, LtCol Baker will transfer this summer to assume duties as the Chief Defense Counsel of the Marine Corps. While I don’t know, I imagine it has been a while since the Chief Defense Counsel has litigated cases, much less a capital one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Baker was also the lead TC on the famed (or infamous) Hutchins case…..