The May issue of the Army Lawyer is now online here.

The issue contains another “Lore of the Corps” sketch by the Army JAG Corps’ Regimental Historian & Archivist, COL Fred L. Borch III.  This month’s sketch is about the execution of Private Eddie Slovik, the only American servicemember executed for a purely military offense since the Civil War.  It’s available here.

Also of interest to military justice wonks is an article by Major Troy C. Wallace called Command Authority:  What Are the Limits on Regulating the Private Conduct of America’s Warriors?, available here.

The issue also notes changes to the Army JAG School’s Criminal Law Advocacy Course.

Finally, the issue reprints an article from the New England Journal on Crime and Civil Confinement called Pretrial Advice for Representing Mentally Ill Criminal Defendants in the Military Justice System.  It’s available here.  We noted the original publication here.

3 Responses to “May issue of Army Lawyer online”

  1. Gordon Smith says:

    I’m not entirely certain it is accurate to state that Eddie Slovik was the only American soldier to be executed for a purely military offense since the Civil War. Two African-American soldiers serving in the 9th Cavalry, Edmund DuBose and Lewis Russell, were hanged in the Philippines in 1902 after trial by military commission on charges of ”desertion to the enemy in violation of the laws of war” The record of trial and allied papers are still extant.

  2. Herb Tarlek says:

    Should be “COL(R)”

  3. Anonymous says:

    new edition of Military law Review is up