Busy day in courts-martial news, two more entries.

  • Three more soldiers have been charged in the killing of three Afghan nationals, see Olympian story here.  See prior coverage by us here.  The official press release can be found here and the charge sheets are here.  The Olympian reports that the three killings were seemingly unrelated, at least in time:

According to charge sheets in the case released Wednesday by the Army, Morlock and Gibbs are charged with murdering Gul Mudin near Forward Operating Base Ramrod by throwing a fragmentation grenade at him and shooting him with a rifle sometime between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31.

The two also are charged with murdering Marach Agha by shooting him with a rifle on or about Feb. 22 near the same base.

And on or about May 2, they are charged with murdering Mullah Adahdad by throwing a grenade at him and shooting him with a rifle, also near FOB Ramrod.

It was unclear Wednesday how the three killings in three months were connected. I Corps spokeswoman Lt. Col. Tamara Parker said the circumstances will come out in the investigation.

  • An Army Intelligence Analyst, PFC Bradley manning, remains in custody for allegedly leaking numerous classified videos and other information to WikiLeaks, including videos allegedly depicting US killings of Iraqi civilians.  See Wired story here.

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