The Spring 2010 Reporter is available here.  It includes many articles of particular interest to military justice wonks.

First, there’s a point/counterpoint about concerns over the implications of the DOD information assurance program on the privileged nature of communications on military computers.  There’s an article by Maj Jeffrey G. Palomino about the 1st Lt Kelly Flinn case (Kelly Who? on page 22).  Maj Conrad J. Huygen wrote a piece on expert witnesses and consultants starting on page 38.  Capt Wendy S. Kosak reviews Vivian H. Gambara & Deborah A. Gambara’s Drowning in the Desert:  A JAG’s Search for Justice in Iraq (page 46).  SSgt Michael J. Badilla authored an article about forum selection called, On Sentencing:  Who’s the Fairest of them All? (page 48).  A short piece notes the 60th anniversary of the UCMJ (page 52).  And, finally, on page 53 there’s a call for submissions for the April 2011 edition of the Air Force Law Review, which will be a criminal law issue.  Is there an Air Force expression equivalent to “Oorah”?

7 Responses to “New edition of the Air Force JAG Corps’ “The Reporter” online”

  1. LCDR X says:

    “Is there an Air Force expression equivalent to “Oorah”?”

    Yes: “Wow, that is very exciting. I am very excited right now.”

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes. We’re supposed to say “Air Power!” It usually comes out something like, “woo hoo.” Notice the all lower case letters and mild punctuation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’d be lost without us.

  5. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Now that was funny!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beat me to it.

  7. Anon says:

    That is very good! And follows what I recently heard about the “Air Force Memorial” which is that silver “thing” rising out of the turf near the Navy Annex just south of the Pentagon – It is actually unfinished. What you see is the base – on top will be a 500 foot statue of a USAF GO teeing off!