I never knew that there’s a Navy Marine Corps Retired Judge Advocates Association.  I just learned of it when I saw a link for its reunion on the events page of the wonderfully revamped JAA web site.  Here’s a link for the association’s web site.  Since my mandatory put-out-to-pasture date is less than 37 months away, I’ll be using that link in a little more than a tour from now.

One Response to “Navy Marine Corps Retired Judge Advocates Association”

  1. Earl F.Dewey says:

    I am looking forward to the day when I can attend one of their functions as they have all seemed to be worthwhile and, dare I say it, fun. Unfortunately since my retirement in 1998, I always seem to have a conflict
    . Still I encourage all eligible to join as it is a great way of keeping track of our colleagues some of whom have had successive and successful careers.Cheers Chip Dewey