NPR had a fun piece today about the movement to pronounce “Camp Lejeune” as “Camp luh-JERN,” which apparently was General Lejeune’s preferred pronunciation.  Here’s a link.

There’s a great quote from a gunnery sergeant who pronounces it “luh-JERN.”  The reporter asks what he does when he hears a junior Marine say “luh-JUNE.”  He responds, “He gets corrected.”  The reporter then asks the gunny, what if someone senior pronounces it “luh-JUNE.”  He responds, “It might be mentioned.”

7 Responses to “Camp Lejeune (the “r” is implied) [WARNING — non-military justice post]”

  1. Look, pal says:


  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    While I know all the Marines here will correct me, if Lejeune Gunny is like any Marine NCOs I have worked with (a HC squadron, FAST Co and NAMALA), “mentioned” probably sounds a lot like “corrected” for O-1 to O-3.

  3. Weirick says:

    This is the best debate on CAAFlog in some time. It is nice to get a break from birthers, soldiers go’n Canada, spies, and Hotel Gtmo. Now if we could all just agree on the appropriate informal moniker for a Marine Chief Warrant Officers not serving as a 0306.

  4. Phil Stackhouse says:

    I think you just said it: Chief Warrant Officer. Sorta like the Major (Select) or Commander (Select)…Captain and Lieutenant Commander.

  5. John O'Connor says:

    The answer is Gunner, and nothing else.

  6. Late Bloomer says:

    JO’C, as I’m sure Weirick implied, try calling a non-03 CWO “gunner” in the presence of a designated gunner. He might “mention” it to you. ;-P

  7. Law Student says:

    This gunnery sergeant must be from Louisiana, where we do pronounce this very common name “luh-JERN.” We’re all backward and think we speak French…but we really don’t do that correctly. :-)