Thanks to a reader who called our attention to this article reporting:

 On the morning of July 29, Spain’s National Court announced that it has re-issued an international arrest warrant against three U.S. soldiers it implicates in an attack on Baghdad’s Hotel Palestine . . . .  On April 8, 2003, one day before U.S. troops officially captured Baghdad, a U.S. tank fired a single incendiary shell on the hotel, killing Couso, a cameraman for Spain’s Telecinco television station, and Reuters journalist Taras Protsyuk.

The warrants were reportedly  issued for the arrest of  Sergeant “Thomas Gibson, the tank sergeant who fired the shell, Captain Philip Wolford, who ordered the attack, and commanding officer Colonel Philip deCamp.”

5 Responses to “Spain’s National Court issues international arrest warrant for three soldiers for deaths of civilians during OIF”

  1. Anonymous Air Force Appellate Defense JAG with the initials NM... says:

    These soldiers should sue for libel in an american civil court. Sounds like a good pro bono case for a civilian counsel…

  2. Clint Eubanks says:

    Good idea, my friend. But not a very good attempt at hiding your identity.

  3. Anonymous Air Force Appellate Defense JAG with the initials NM... says:

    What? I could be anybody. I could just be pretending to be an Air Force Appellate JAG. But I’m glad to see you’re still following MJ stuff. How’s Alabama?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alright Anny AF App Def JAG and Clint E, ’nuff luvin on each other. On the topic, though, it’s about time we start seeing some accountability.

  5. 0180 says:

    You want to see some accountability for friendly-fire incidents which occurred at the height of combat hostilities and that have been fully investigated by US military authorities, to be pursued by foreign governments?

    Let me guess, you pilot a cubicle and the closest you’ve come to combat is your fraternity paint-ball team. If we have a commander-in-chief who is going to sit by while his service members face internationally lynchings, my advice to anyone (and by “anyone” I mean combat personnel) looking at reenlistment to think long and hard about it – your country may not have your back, anymore.