Bloomberg reports, here, that a US Marine was arrested by Japanese authorities in Okinawa

[O]n suspicion of breaking into the house of a woman in her 20s and sexually assaulting her, police spokesman Motoki Haneji said by phone. The U.S. serviceman has denied the charges, Haneji said.

As N-M JAs know, these arrests have led to protests and were a part of the discussion that led to the reorganization of the US military presence in Japan.  The Japanese have primary jurisdiction over the case and prior cases have been handled by Japanese courts.

7 Responses to “Marine Arrested for Alleged Sexual Assault in Okinawa”

  1. Anon says:

    Nearly 15 years ago, comments to the media by COMPAC (then known as CINCPAC) about a similar case on Okinawa led to his resignation and retirement.

  2. Ama Goste says:

    I think it was an Air Force E-5 case about 8 years ago that led to a change in the SOFA (or maybe just a gentleman’s agreement) with Japan that allowed for greater Japanese jurisdiction over servicemembers in these types of cases.

  3. Weirick says:

    Anon 1608,

    You are correct, that was Admiral Richard C. Macke, USN (Ret.), who said “I think that it was absolutely stupid. I have said several times: for the price they paid to rent the car they could have had a prostitute.” He was then forced to retire at the rank of Rear Admiral (upper half). That did not, however, end RADM Macke’s actions to raze Japanese-American relations.

    As Mr. Macke, he made arrangements for a number of civilians to take a Distinguished Visitor Embarkation aboard USS Greeneville. This was the infamous ride during which USS Greenville, a Los Angeles-class submarine, performed an emergency ballast blow and surfaced directly under Ehime Maru, a Japanese fishing trawler, causing it to sink, and resulting in the deaths of nine crewmembers

  4. John Harwood says:

    Does the admiral have relatives who died on Iwo Jima or something? Sheesh, he’s a one-man, international-relations wrecking crew.

  5. Friend says:

    Anon – Adm Macke was PACOM not CINCPAC – I am not sure what that is. PACOM is the overall commander of all US forces in the Pacific. Yes he made the comments – I believe there was more but rumor mongering is unbecoming for this site.

    Weirick – I don’t think you can blame the GREENVILLE tragedy on Macke – but it does rest squarely on the shoulders of the the boat’s CO.

  6. Ama Goste says:

    Friend, we had regional CINCs before it was decided (10 years ago?) that we only have 1 CINC (POTUS).

  7. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    How I miss the good ol’ days of CINCPAC, CINCLANT, etc. etc.