Hereis a link to a new press release from LTC Lakin’s defense fund regarding his arraignment scheduled for Friday at Ft. Belvoir.  LTC Lakin, the birther Army doctor who refuses to deploy to Afghanistan until he sees President Obama’s real birth certificate faces charges of Art. 87 (missing movement) and four Art. 92 specifications. 

Safeguard Our Constitution is estimating a 30-minute hearing, so I guess LTC Lakin’s civilian defense counsel won’t be ranting about the evils of certificates of live birth at the hearing.  Unfortunate because the interest in this case isn’t about the proceedings, but more in the train wreck that everyone knows is coming.  The whole thing is like a NASCAR event, are you really paying attention to see people make 800 left hand turns at 186 mph?  In fact, this case is probably the biggest of all the military justice train wrecks we have followed in our 4 short years in existence–the Talladega Super Speedway of courts-martial. 

The arraignment had previously been advertised for Ft. McNair, but may have been moved to the larger courtroom at Ft. Belvoir due to interest in the proceedings.   I confirmed that COL Denise Lind will be the military judge at the Army Judiciary website, here.  Proceedings are set to start at 1100.  The Army website also lists counsel for LTC Lakin as “Stoltfus/Kemkes & Jensen (Civ).”  While weknew about Major Kemkes, see prior coverage here, I don’t know “Stoltfus” and he/she is possibly the only person who I can’t find with Google–information welcome at

16 Responses to “LTC Lakin Arraignment Moved to Ft. Belvoir”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stoltfus doesn’t show up on AKO so he/she is not Army unless they don’t have an AKO account.

    I thought about going but sounds like it is just going to be a regular old arraignment.

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Anon–If it is within your access rights to AKO, can you check for Stoltzfus?

  3. Anonymous says:

    ah there is a CPT Stoltzfus, although never heard of her before.

    She also has my condolences.

  4. nolu chan says:

    CPT Heidi J. Stoltzfus, Trial Counsel, cited on Investigating Officer Memo re Defense Request for Witnesses and Evidence, June 1, 2010.

  5. Greg says: has some advice for anyone attending the arraignment. The article notes (without a trace of irony) that:

    LTC Lakin’s reputation in the Army is of a good, even exemplary, soldier who has always shown his superior officers the respect and courtesy their rank and position demand.

  6. yguy says:

    This post by “Christian Schultz” on HuffPo I think says it all:


    The rage we feel about your actions is unbelievable.

    If this is representative of the general sentiment here, it’s no wonder so many of you display such an inability to think straight.

  7. BigGuy says:

    According to CNN’s latest report on the hearing, “An Army officer who refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he thinks President Obama hasn’t proven he was born in the U.S. entered a deferred plea at his arraignment.”

  8. John O'Connor says:

    Too bad you guys got rid of the “like” button.

  9. Anonymous says:

    awwww…did someone think they were actually going to find a sympathetic ear in the military for their idiocy?

    That’s gotta sting.

  10. Bovril says:

    If this is representative of the general sentiment here, it’s no wonder so many of you display such an inability to think straight.

    Tut Tut LieGuy

    You really should read stuff before penning your usual asinine comments.

    The quote came not from one of the nasty wicked folks here but from a seving soldier who is incensed by your nasty little LtCol and his actions.

    Do try and keep up, there’s a good little chap

  11. Anonymous says:

    And another irony meter explodes. This site needs a MAJOR FAIL button!

    Why are these guano psychotic birthers so arrogant? Is it the desperation or a cry for help?

  12. Bovril says:

    And another irony meter explodes. This site needs a MAJOR FAIL button!Why are these guano psychotic birthers so arrogant? Is it the desperation or a cry for help?

    It’s quite interesting, in a “Lets go and look at the inmates of Bedlam” way, to try and parse out what passes for the thought processes.

    We have the LieGuy type, always leaps onto the latest WND/Pest and Fail/AGJ piece of garbage and blurts it out like a symptom of Tourettes Syndrome. No apparent ability to check before drooling.

    Has a secondary line in “concern trolling” and refusal to answer questions posed.

    Then you have the Mad Ole Orly category, fortunately relatively thin on the ground epitomized by Orly herself as well Rev Dr Manning and his “Trial of the Century”, basic racists, hate mongerers and eaten up that a n**ger is in the White House. The fact that Orly is Jewish and Manning is black doesn’t seem to stop them hanging out with the whiter variant who would be happy to set fire to them if they weren’t temporarily useful.

    Then there are the basic conspiracy theory freaks. Philip Berg is the best example of this one, started off as a Truther and a Hilary PUMA and segued neatly into Birferism.

    The rabble are generally made up of those who lap at the chalice of De-Vatell and the 2 Citizen Parent or are simply outright seditious, dreaming of some world where the US Army rolls into DC and overthrows the democratic processes and all returns to the “good ole days”

    The overarching themes are PayPal feeding, hatred and ignorance.

  13. anonymous says:

    The fact the accused deferred entry of pleas gives me some hope the military defense counsel have been able to exert their good influence over this case.

  14. Christopher Mathews says:

    Unfortunately, it evidences nothing of the sort. Pleas are routinely deferred until the resolution of pretrial motions.

  15. soonergrunt says:

    That’s because you don’t understand the first thing about the military.
    The fact that some other Medical Officer stood up, saluted, and moved out in Lakin’s place and did so with so little fanfare that nobody knows who he or she is, tells a Soldier EVERYTHING he or she needs to know about Lakin.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Expecting the military attorneys to exert any positive influence is like expecting penicillin to cure ebola.

    Ordinarily really strong stuff, but some diseases are just too tough.