Here’s the latest press release.

And apparently LTC Lakin and his counsel, Paul Jensen, will be on G. Gordon Liddy’s show tomorrow at 1000.

17 Responses to “LTC Lakin alleges TC threatened him; website asks supporters to call his Commanding General”

  1. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Also says that the trial, and maybe motions will be at Ft. Meade. Is that right?

  2. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    Nice reporting: “However, Brodsky is a judge advocate, and as such his job is to prosecute LTC Lakin.” So I guess this is how a Q&A with Lakin’s defense counsel would go according to SOC:
    Q: So what do you do in the Army
    DC: I am a judge advocate, my job is to prosecute people.

  3. Bridget says:

    Somehow, the stuff about not letting him speak to the press does not ring true, even for the Army. Heck, if LTC Lakin wants to make more stupid statements to the press, let him have at it.

  4. soonergrunt says:

    I could see his defense counsel wanting him to not speak to the press. His military DC, anyway. His civilian DC wants to get on TV instead of protect his client from himself. Aren’t the youtube videos likely to be used as evidence, and wouldn’t anything else he says to the press be used as evidence?

  5. Dave says:

    OK, I’m totally lost now. His press release is complaining about the TC improperly “injected himself” into his chain of command — the same chain of command that he alleges is issuing illegal orders that he is duty bound to ignore. So why does he care?

    And how do we square all this talk about him being prevented from talking to the press with the fact that he’s on Liddy’s show today?

  6. soonergrunt says:

    That’s because he is either lying or (to use the CAAFlog approved term) guano crazy. This makes no sense to you because you are honest and not insane.

  7. Charlie says:

    Should have just tasered him and put him on the van to Afghanistan.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I will empty my wallet or take a taser to the face to make this story go away permanently on CAAFlog.

  9. Anonymous says:

    that would just make a martyr out of ya.

  10. Anonymous says:

    OK, I’m starting to lean towards the this LTC is crazy theory.

    I knew he was ignorant of the law and maybe easily led astray but wasn’t sure he was full-on crazy. Now I’m thinking at least half crazy.

  11. Keith says:

    You think so? Is insanity a defense to willfully disobeying a lawful order?

  12. Bovril says:

    So, according to Lakin, the wicked ebil escort,

    In a public place

    In a hallway of a busy public place

    In a hallway of a busy public place in a loud and carrying voice

    In a hallway of a busy public place in a loud and carrying voice with others present

    a Colonel and Judge advocate instructs Lakins’ escort to subdue him with violence in the sight of the press if Lakin tried to talk to them……?

    I believe the phrase is complete and utter bollocks.

    Waiting on Yguy to chime in on “The Chilling effect on the Constitution and Justice and Standing STIL DOESN’T EXIST”….(in his expert and only binding opinion) in 3….2….1….

  13. Bovril says:

    that would just make a martyr out of ya.

    QUICK….get that man a PayPal button….8-)

  14. muldrake says:

    I note that the website run by Lakin’s lawyer, in this press release, is urging people to harass Lakin’s commanding general via phone, fax, and email starting 9:00 AM yesterday. Presumably, the webmaster is acting as Lakin’s agent. Doesn’t this violate some kind of rule or regulation? At the very least, it would seem to be conduct unbecoming.

  15. Norbrook says:

    Shocked, shocked I am that Phil Cave was there, and didn’t report that scene on his blog for us! Start the coverup conspiracy theory in 3…2…1…

  16. Anon says:

    Maybe he heard voices?
    Oops – I hope I haven’t offended the forensic psychiatry crowd.

  17. Phil Cave says:

    It’s called aggravating circumstances surrounding the offense and shows a lack of rehabilitative potential under RCM 1001.