LTC Lakin and his civilian defense counsel, Paul Jensen, were on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show today, along with WorldNetDaily poobah Joseph Farah.  Here’s a link.

[Thanks to, here’s a link to the interview sans commercials.]

I was surprised that I actually found the show to be interesting.  I won’t give a complete play-by-play, in part because I was multi-tasking while listening, so I didn’t write everything down.  But here are some of the highlights.

First, LTC Lakin himself spoke far, far more during this interview than he has during the previous media appearances by the Lakin/Jensen team that I’ve seem or heard. 

The beginning of the show was dominated by discussion of the alleged threat that the trial counsel made against LTC Lakin.  LTC Lakin himself described the incident.  The website that supported LTC Lakin had told supporters that they could meet and speak with LTC Lakin after the Article 39(a) session.  Perhaps the prosecution team was aware of this.  LTC Lakin says he heard the lead TC, LTC Steven Brodsky, tell LTC Lakin’s escorts that he didn’t want LTC Lakin signing autographs, shaking hands, and kissing babies after the hearing, so they were to escort him out immediately.  LTC Lakin said LTC Brodsky said something to the effect that they should taser him and throw him in the back of the van if necessary.

Mr. Jensen opined that by making such a threat, the TC was attempting to make LTC Lakin “capitulate by nefarious means.”  Mr. Liddy opined that it was a “foolish thing to do” that indicated that the TC was running scared. 

After a break, Mr. Liddy told his radio audience that LTC Lakin wasn’t in the studio because he “had to excuse himself for a few minutes.  I believe he’s in the men’s room.”  Mr. Liddy took advantage of LTC Lakin’s head call to encourage listeners to call MG Carla Hawley-Bowland, whom he identified as LTC Brodsky’s commanding general (is that right?), to complain about his actions.  He also provided her telephone number.  After some additional discussion with his other guests, Mr. Liddy said on air:  “Franklin, can you see if Colonel Lakin is finished in the men’s room?”

Mr. Farah raised the issue of whether LTC Lakin would be satisfied that President Obama was a natural born citizen if it was demonstrated that he was born in the United States or if LTC Lakin thought that the President’s father’s foreign citizenship would still prevent him from being a natural born citizen.  Mr. Jensen cut in and said they would “start with the records in Hawaii and see where to go from there.” 

Mr. Jensen said that the government was moving to determine the lawfulness of the orders to LTC Lakin “without a trial,” and that motion would be heard on September 14.  I don’t know whether Mr. Jensen is unaware of CAAF’s decision in United States v. New or if he was just demagoguing the issue.

During a discussion of discovery, Mr. Jensen said that any refusal by the Government to produce the requested records from Hawaii would be litigated before the military judge and “I can’t think of a single reason why the government would adopt the Government’s position.”  (That’s quite a failure of imagination for a birther.  How about Military Rules of Evidence 401 and 402 for starters?)

The show ended with Mr. Liddy, Mr. Farah, and Mr. Jensen discussing the historic nature of the case.  Mr. Liddy opined that if LTC Lakin prevailed, every official act of the U.S. government since President Obama was inaugurated, including the health care reform law, would be nullified.  Mr. Jensen agreed that “every official act of President Obama would become null and void,” though he said the court-martial itself would not declare that to be the case and that further litigation would be necessary.

All in all, quite an entertaining hour.

30 Responses to “LTC Lakin and Paul Jensen on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show”

  1. Christopher Mathews says:

    Sigh. I suppose that means the court-martial itself would be a nullity, too.

    The thing I find most interesting is the apparent divergence of opinion between LTC Lakin and the lawyer representing … well, it’s not clear who he represents.

    LTC Lakin himself said last month “If the original birth certificate is released and validated, I would gladly deploy immediately.” With Mr. Jensen now saying they would “start with the records in Hawaii and see where to go from there,” it sounds as though either the accused has had a change of heart, or his lawyer isn’t willing to let the client call the shots.

  2. Phil Cave says:

    Chris, this is a reprise of Orly Taintz in the Rhodes case is it not?
    I always thought that the loyalty goes to the client not the person paying you. Which is why it’s always difficult when the family is paying the bill and not the client. You have to be advising two “clients” who may want or desire conflicting results or actions.

  3. Anonymous says:

    But, tell us, did LTC Lakin ever make it back out of the head?

  4. Reality Check says:

    I thought Liddy was a lawyer? Some of the nonsense he either spoke himself or agreed with today makes me think he is now an incoherent, babbling old fool.

  5. King Jorge III says:

    It was just taking a while for him to flush his career down the toilet.

    Nice CV, it must have taken a bit to get it down the sewer along with his commission.

  6. Christopher Mathews says:

    Possibly, Phil. For some reason, LTC Lakin has always reminded me more of Paula Jones.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LTC Lakin was in the head my ample behind.

    He was likely sitting there the whole time but he needed to be “absent” while they talked about inundating the CG with phone calls on his behalf.

    Clearly they don’t understand the de facto doctrine even if it turned out he wasn’t de jure president and thus nothing would be null and void.

  8. Christopher Mathews says:

    Anon 1952, I suspect that many of LTC Lakin’s associates understand the doctrine quite well.

    While the birther movement likely has its share of enthusiastic and sincere partisans who honestly believe that the President will be removed from his office by dint of a judicial determination — perhaps even one that originates with a military judge — I would wager that a significant number don’t think that at all, and don’t particularly care one way or another. It’s simply a vehicle for bleeding him. The interesting question in my mind is what category LTC Lakin falls in.

    It’s purely a gut reaction, but I think he’s in the “sincere” category, and that he genuinely believes the people around him have his best interests at heart.

  9. Birtha 4 life says:

    You dolts will be shocked by the outcome of this case…I’m surprised no one has surmised our checkmate move, but you will be informed soon enough…

  10. soonergrunt says:

    You probably think that with the judge’s order to investigate the birth certificate, and the ‘inevitable’ finding that black guys can’t be president over white guys (cause that’s exactly what this is about, and NOTHING more) that the Army will rise up and arrest the usurper.
    Please go in the corner and hold your breath until that happens, genius.

    You dolts will be shocked by the outcome of this case…I’m surprised no one has surmised our checkmate move, but you will be informed soon enough…

    I have this vision of a short, bald guy in a white nehru jacket and a black monocle rubbing his hands together in a cave surrounded by 1960’s computers.

  11. Dwight Sullivan says:

    G. Gordon Liddy WAS a lawyer — before that whole felony conviction thing. New York disbarred him.

  12. Dwight Sullivan says:

    soonergrunt — how’d you know what I’m wearing?

  13. Christopher Mathews says:

    For God’s sake, don’t answer that.

  14. soonergrunt says:

    soonergrunt — how’d you know what I’m wearing?

    But do you have the white cat to go with the ensemble, Sir?
    Cause Bertha does have the attitude, so unless you have the cat, she gets the role.

  15. soonergrunt says:


  16. Reality Check says:

    Fortunately for LTC Lakin even a Presidential Usurper’s appointed US Treasurer’s signature is considered valid by all banking institutions.

  17. Bovril says:

    The genre nowadays has moved to sharks with laser cannons implanted…..;-)

    As for Birfer 4 Life, the best line ever still remains, “No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die.”

  18. John Harwood says:

    Col Sullivan, for a MJ wonk, sometimes you’re freakin’ hilarious.

  19. Reality Check says:

    You dolts will be shocked by the outcome of this case…I’m surprised no one has surmised our checkmate move, but you will be informed soon enough…

    Are you part of Lakin’s crack legal/PR team?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Well sure because it’s full of leftist commie lawyers who don’t like having a true American patriot among their ranks!


  21. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that’s true. I think the constant repetition of the idea that all the President has done will be voided is true wishful thinking.

    Call it willing blindness or a simple rejection of valid precedent much the same way say yguy thinks standing is a century-long usurption of the true meaning of the Constitution, which all of these guys seem to have an ability to suss out.

  22. muldrake says:

    Paula Jones at least had a valid cause of action if her factual claims were true, and a valid complaint about Pres. Clinton’s false testimony. By comparison, LTC Lakin’s claims are pure fantasy.

  23. muldrake says:

    However, while they may not understand the de facto officer doctrine, they understand that it is extremely imprudent for LTC Lakin to be harassing one of his own superiors. I don’t think this flimsy ruse really conceals his flagrant insubordination, however, considering his own lawyer is participating in it. While I doubt they will actually charge LTC Lakin with an additional charge for this, I would not be surprised at all if it is taken into consideration in his sentencing.

  24. Shay says:

    “That’s quite a failure of imagination for a birther”

    Actually, that’s par for the course, for a birther.

  25. Greg says:

    You dolts will be shocked by the outcome of this case…I’m surprised no one has surmised our checkmate move, but you will be informed soon enough…

    You are right about one thing: no one has surmised your checkmate move – because there is none.

  26. Greg says:

    Isn’t it malpractice for a lawyer to advise a client (such as Lakin) that there exists a legal argument to be made in his defense – when the lawyer knows (or has an obligation to know) that no such argument exists?

    After all, it takes only one lawyer telling Lakin what he wants to hear, for Lakin to ignore all the contrary advice – that he has no doubt received from reputable attorneys.

  27. Glenn says:

    Check out what Lakin’s team is doing:

    I imagine the General is not going to be happy.

  28. soonergrunt says:

    Possibly, Phil. For some reason, LTC Lakin has always reminded me more of Paula Jones.

    You think he’s angling for a ton of free plastic surgery?

  29. Glenn says:

    Didn’t see your prior post. I should have known better. :)

  30. Dr. Conspiracy says:

    I was just wondering where if at all in this process will LTC Lakin get a psychiatric evaluation. I’m not at all suggesting that he’s operating under diminished capacity, but it would be nice to rule that out before he goes through with his misguided attempt at patriotic self immolation.