As indicated here, the President has signed revisions to MCM.  However, I don’t see a link to the actual changes.  Nor could I find them on the Federal Register’s website.  Does anyone have a copy of the changes to the Manual that the President adopted?

h/t Phil Cave’s Court-Martial Trial Practice blog.

5 Responses to “Our 2008 MCMs are now even more out-of-date”

  1. Anon says:

    Here’s the Federal Register Notice of Jan 2010. Suspect these are the amendments discussed in the Exec Order.

  2. RY says:

    I thought the same at first (that the notice you linked to was the annex referenced in the E.O.). However, the memo indicates the changes are to Parts II and IV of the MCM. The Fed Reg notice references changes to Parts III and IV. Unless one is a typo, it would seem they don’t match up.

  3. Breven Parsons says:

    The JSC on Military Justice now has a website, hosted by DOD General Counsel and available here:

    There are links to the 2008 and 2009 submissions, which were signed by the President above as well as Executive Order 13468 (not in 2008 MCM).

  4. Bart Slabbekorn says:

    Note the portion of the EO on the White House website states the changes will not become effective until 30 days after the signing. By that time, I would expect the EO would appear here:

    As of 1 September, the most recent EO posted is 26 July. Not quite 30 days out but pretty darn close. Perhaps our friends on the JSCMJ can make sure the Federal Register folks or whoever publishes stuff like this know we expect the formal, citable source document to be properly promulgating in a timely manner.

    You can also track the amendments to the MCM (which is the 1984 MCM with amendments) by going here: and looking at the Disposition Table for Executive Order 12473.

    Finally, you can find a good listing of changes to the MCM here:

    For fun tips on how to make these EOs (and other PDFs) part of your own electronic MCM, see my post from 5 August here:

  5. Bart Slabbekorn says:

    Should be “promulgated” on line 10 above. I must have hit a wrong button after I hit “Preview” because I couldn’t go back and edit my comment. Anyway, ya’ll get the point.