Here is a link to today’s orders list denying the cert. petitions in Neal, 09-14, and Loving, No. 09-989.  With this denial, PVT Loving’s case likely heads back to Army TJAG, SecArmy, SecDef or the President for some sort of action on his sentence.  Please do share at if you are in the know about the next step.

One Response to “Loving and Neal SCOTUS Petitions Denied”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a question based on ignorance, but we are now at the point where the President could sign Loving’s death warrant. I don’t know that he does, although he is pro-DP, but assuming he does, what is the next step?

    One could argue that it isn’t Federal Habeus because they tried that through CAAF, but I would assume the argument from defense would adopt Judge Ryan’s argument that CAAF doesn’t have Habeus jurisdiction and so whatever that was with CAAF wasn’t habeus, it was something else and thus Loving still has the same bite at the apple that Gray is currently chewing on.