This year’s JAA/CAAF appellate advocacy symposium promises to be off-the-charts fantastic.  With only one exception (moi), the line-up is comprised of true all stars. 

The first substantive lecture will be by Professor Steve Saltzburg, whose Military Rules of Evidence Manual most of us use everyday.  He’ll be providing an update about civilian courts’ crim law and crim procedure cases that we should know about.  Then Rear Admiral Nan DeRenzi, the Deputy Judge Advocate General of the Navy, will be speaking about appellate practice in the military.  And she’s one of us — a Code 45 alumna.  Next will be Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal, known to many of us as the result of his incredible advocacy in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.   There will be a working lunch with Major Jay Thoman from TJAGLCS giving a specially tailored presentation on ethics for appellate practitioners.  I’ll then give a barking mad lecture on legal research.  That will be followed by a panel of CCA judges.  And the day will close with Chief Judge Sentelle of the D.C. Circuit lecturing on persuading appellate judges.

The program will be a week from today at GMU’s law school in Room 121.  It isn’t often that one sees CLE with speakers of the caliber that have been assembled for this session (overlooking the one dubious slot).  BZ to course coordinator CPT Joshua Johnson of Army GAD! 

Online registration is available here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    and if they made it a 12-hour CLE program over two days it would be even more enticing…