Nearly 3 dozen witnesses have testified already in the historic Article 32 hearing regarding the Ft. Hood shooting from last fall. Survivors have given voice to the victims who spoke their last words that fateful November day, often in heart-wrenching detail. A common theme running through the testimony is one of first believing the tragedy must have been a training exercise, then watching the gunman pump bullets into other individuals even as he turned to shoot the witnesses multiple times. In many cases, the witnesses have recounted that they didn’t realize the extent of their own injuries as they tried to help the injured around them. A number of the witnesses have testified from Afghanistan, where Major Hasan was scheduled to deploy. A peculiar point came during Friday’s testimony when one soldier described taping part of the rampage on his cell phone before he was instructed to delete the video evidence. Although disturbing for the lack of awareness that allegedly prompted the tape’s erasure, it will likely have no effect on the investigating officer’s recommendation to the convening authority.

The hearing is in its second week, and is scheduled to last for the remainder of this month. Later this week, we plan to have updates from a noted retired Army JAG (LTC Geoffrey Corn, now a professor at South Texas College of Law) who will attend the hearing for NIMJ.

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