Following up on a news item from last month, a soldier had charges preferred against him this week for the deaths of two fellow soldiers and injuries inflicted on a third soldier during an argument while all four were deployed to Iraq. The Army Times reports that Spc. Neftaly Platero faces two specifications of murder, one each for Pfc. Gebrah Noonan and Spc. John Carillo, Jr. Platero faces a specification of attempted murder for shooting and wounding an unidentified soldier.

I found it interesting that the article states Platero will be tried in military court. If the charge and specifications were preferred just yesterday, that’s presuming the most likely outcome of the case, but it’s omitting a few steps in the military justice process. Namely, given the seriousness of the crimes alleged, there will be an Article 32 investigation to recommend whether the case should be referred to a general court-martial, and then it will be up to the convening authority to decide whether to convene such a court and whether to refer it as a capital case.

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