This week at the Supremes:  The exciting SCOTUS military justice news of the week is that the SG’s response is due to the Smith cert petition, No. 10-18.  As we’ve discussed before, the Smith cert petition has an unusually high chance of being granted.  The Kabul Klipper better buy some bubblewrap because the Golden CAAF II may be making a coast-to-coast journey.  Three military cert petitions have been distributed for conference on Friday:  Huntzinger, No. 10-158, Contreras, No. 10-413, and Ehlers, No. 10-390.  We’ll likely learn of their disposition a week from tomorrow.

This week at CAAF:  CAAF isn’t hearing oral arguments this week.  Arguments resume with two Project Outreach sittings next week.

This week at the CCAs:  NMCCA’s website has been down this weekend.  But I understand that NMCCA will be hearing an oral argument on Tuesday.  I may be able to post the case name and issue later today.  Also on Tuesday, ACCA will hear oral argument in United States v. McAllister, No. ARMY 19961134.  This issue is:  “WHETHER THE EVIDENCE IS LEGALLY AND FACTUALLY INSUFFICIENT TO SUPPORT A FINDING OF GUILTY TO UNPREMEDITATED MURDER.”

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