Here’s a link to audio of Tuesday’s Project Outreach argument in United States v. Jones,  No. 08-0335/NA.  Audio for Wednesday’s oral argument in United States v. Gooch, No. 10-0251/AF, isn’t posted yet.

2 Responses to “Lend me your ears”

  1. Michael Lowrey says:

    I know that some people aren’t fans of Project Outreach and the associated amicus briefs from law students. After listening to the argument, I would say the person doing the amicus brief was better than either of the other attorneys.

    And I’m pretty sure the CAAF judges were not impressed by the government attorney’s not having read the amicus brief and also not having heard of an Alford plea. (Military justice doesn’t have Alford pleas but still…)

  2. Anon says:

    Tragic name… Gooch. Reminds me of an episode of Tosh.0 on comedy central. Google it (not from a government computer of course).