The MAJ Hasan Art. 32 hrearing is set to resume Monday and, according to the AP via the WaPo here, it will conclude shortly thereafter as MAJ Hasan’s defense counsel stated that he will not present any evidence. His counsel, former Army Colonel John Galligan, will make a request for discovery of various shooting related investigations. In other Ft Hood shooting news the Pentagon released a report about the shootings yesterday. It comes to the shocking conclusions that the FBI and DoD did not adequately share information on the threat posed by MAJ Hasan and that DoD’s policies on identifying extremist threats are outdated. Washington Times story here.

In Stryker Brigade court-martial news, the alleged ring leader of what the media is calling the Stryker Brigade kill team faced an Art. 32 hearing Tuesday. COL Thomas Molloy presided over the hearing. SSGT Gibbs has retained former Marine Corps JA Phil Stackhouse. See NYT coverage here.

And before I forget, Happy Birthday Marine Corps.  There’s a great article on the Corps at the NY Post titled “American Spartans,” here.

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