Here is a link to the docket denying cert. in US v. Clayton, 09-1532, the 4th A. case we’ve discussed below.  Guess I’ll have to go back to picking the winner of NFL football contests, like my SUPER-DUPER MONEY IN THE BANK lock of the week, the Giants at home vs. the Cowboys.

2 Responses to “Clayton Certiorari Petition Denied”

  1. Bill C says:

    Well, we appreciated the vote of confidence. Actually, it got interesting because the Court “paired” our case with two other CP cases presenting similar issues: Whether subscribing to a digest, in and of itself, is sufficient for PC. When they paired the cases it raised our hope/thought that they would grant, but all three were denied.

  2. Friend says:

    How much did you lose on the Giants/Cowboys game?