— the once official website of LTC Lakin — has posted this update regarding its Terry Lakin Action Week.

In addition to offering some birther propaganda, the update includes the following:

THANK YOU to everyone for the tremendous response and participation in “Terry Lakin Action Week”- your phone calls and messages are making a difference. We apologize to anyone who hasn’t received a response yet back to an email- we do our best to keep up, but it is hard sometimes to keep abreast of all requests and comments received.


10 Responses to “Lakinista website posts “Terry Lakin Action Week” update”

  1. soonergrunt says:

    And I just got a cool new android phone* with a full-HTML web browser, so I can follow this story on CAAFlog ALL THE TIME! My cup runneth over!**

    *honestly, I think there’s even an app to take over the space shuttle in mid-flight.
    **that was snark. There’s nothing really left to happen except to determine what punishment LTC Lakin will receive and see how many of the birthers will change their own goal posts to the post trial appellate process.
    What’s the maximum punishment that a Court-Martial can assess without triggering an appellate review?

  2. Phil Cave says:

    Less than one year and no dismissal. That’s called a “subjurisdictional punishment” (adopting the language of Gene Fidell on appellate practices). Article 66, UCMJ, review is mandatory for a sentence that includes a dismissal or more than one year confinement.If he gets that sub-jurisdiction sentence then the case will be reviewed by the Army TJAG under Article 69(a), UCMJ. Unlike the Article 66 review, the 69(a) review uses a more “deferential” standard of review. LTC Lakin could have his lawyers submit a brief on his behalf to TJAG for consideration, but the statute does not mandate that ability. I’ve submitted such “petitions” as have several of my colleagues and they are generally accepted and considered. Whether you get relief or not is another matter. There is a way that the TJAG can “certify” the case to ACCA under Article 69(d). Based on my own efforts and those of my colleagues to get TJAG to use 69(d) for subjurisdictional cases I’m not sanguine that LTC Lakin would get a 69(d) certification.

  3. mikeyes says:

    Since LTC Lakin’s case is now just another missing a movement case, the only way to deal with the crazy is with crazy.

    It is now clear that the entire birther movement is an Al Qeada plot to overthrow the government of the United States. No doubt this is from AQ in Yemen since they have native American English speaking members.

    The proof is clear. One of the chief architects has a suspicious sounding name (Farah.) The “proof” concerning the President’s foreign birth comes from African Muslim sources (like the underwear bomber) in Kenya and from Indonesia, the largest Muslim country per population (anbother AQ stronghold.) The clever part of this diabolical plan is the smokescreen put up by the circular argument that “we need a ‘legitimate” HI birth certificate but no document from HI is legitimate.”

    Further proof comes from the Lakin episode in which “patriots” are trying to undermine the discipline and good order of the US military by seducing a well regarded senior officer into disobeying orders and then using this case to promote mutiny. It is clear that any organization backing this move in which the word “patriot” is in the title or prominently featured in the blog is also an Al Queada plant.

    I don’t expect this plot to work completely, but if they can limit the effectiveness of the military in any way, they have won.

    I think I have made my case and there are no arguments that can sway me away from it.

  4. sg says:

    Thanks, Mr. Cave. I learn so much here. The thing is, I don’t see the Convening Authority giving something that ‘light’ after all of the nonsense and craziness surrounding this case, most of it fomented* by the Accused himself. Especially since the Accused has shown NO remorse or regret. Am I wrong?

    *the word-a-day calendar strikes again.

  5. KyAtty says:

    If Lakin got a subjurisdictional punishment, I would think that he and his attorneys would be thrilled. Their previous statement indicates to me that they fully expect that at the least he will be dismissed.

  6. KyAtty says:

    Its ironclad. I’m going to Monroe County, Tennessee and demand that the local grand jury indict all birfers for treason.

  7. Christopher Mathews says:

    sg, while I agree that the Convening Authority probably would be disinclined to go easy on LTC Lakin if he is convicted, that decision is constrained by the outcome of the court-martial. If the judge or the members (depending on which the accused selects) convicts the accused but awards a subjurisdictional sentence, the CA can’t increase it.

  8. sg says:

    Judge Mathews,
    I knew that the CA can’t increase the sentence, I just figured that he wasn’t going to decrease it to sub-jurisdictional level or accept a plea bargain or pre-trial agreement that would do that either. Of course, I could be wrong. Might the CA accept a resignation for the good of the service? That would preclude LTC Lakin from receiving a pension, wouldn’t it? It seems to me that LTC Lakin has already gone too far for that to be a realistic option at this point.
    What a damn shame this whole farce has been.

  9. Christopher Mathews says:

    I doubt the CA would approve a PTA with a subjurisdictional cap, too.

    I’m aware of cases in which the CA approved only so much of the sentence as to drop it below the jurisdictional threshhold. Those were all cases in which the offender made a really, really convincing expressions of remorse. As I’ve said before, I don’t think LTC Lakin can pull that off. Even if he tried, I think the extensive paper and video trail he’s compiled will undercut him.

    Unless the regs have changed, the CA can’t accept an officer’s resignation — approval authority rests at the service secretary level. That raises an interesting conundrum, since the Secretary of the Army was appointed by a guy LTC Lakin says didn’t have the authority to make the appointment.

  10. Norbrook says:

    Its ironclad. I’m going to Monroe County, Tennessee and demand that the local grand jury indict all birfers for treason.

    Don’t forget to write to the local sheriff using service academy letterhead beforehand.