On Nov. 19, 2010, Chief Judge Dennis G. Jacobs (2d Cir.) addressed the Federalist Society on the hostility of “the legal elite” to the military. His remarks run about 30 minutes and are worth watching here. On Lawfare, University of Texas School of Law Prof. Robert Chesney comments: “His account is exceedingly pessimistic, and to my mind rather dramatically overstated. It just does not resonate with my own sense of how the military and its various institutions are perceived these days in academia and in the other circles Judge Jacobs calls out for criticism. To be sure, there are bound to be many examples of individuals and groups in all these institutions who fit the bill, but I am quite certain that there are many contrary examples. Perhaps I’m fooling myself, not appreciating how marginal my own views are in academia, but I don’t think so. Even among those individuals and institutions deeply engaged in criticizing post-9/11 national security policies–a category of legal elites that gets a lot of attention in this speech–my sense is that most have a tremendous amount of respect for the military.”

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