From the Navy Times, a cruiser skipper who was fired for cruelty and mistreatment of her crew will go before a Navy board of inquiry today. Captain Holly Graf was relieved as commanding officer of the cruiser Cowpens on Jan. 13 after an inspector general’s investigation found problems with her “temperament and demeanor.” She was said to have called her subordinates “f—ing stupid,” and an “f—ing idiot,” and allegedly threw things at them.

From the Army Times, officials are weighing whether to try a 20-year-old Fort Carson soldier on the charge of premeditated murder in the death of an Afghan prisoner. The defense is arguing that the soldier is taking medication for schizophrenia and isn’t mentally fit to stand trial.

From the Air Force Times, the special court-martial for Master Sergeant Lisa Mashburn began Monday. The prosecution lawyers told the panel that the former assistant flight sergeant was derelict in her duties in the weeks leading to the suicide death of Airman Cory McCord on Aug. 6. This case “is about deflecting responsibility,” said Guy Womack, Mashburn’s civilian defense attorney. “Officers and senior enlisted, who as a result of a tragic event, a suicide, decided someone needs to be blamed for this.”

From the Marine Corps Times, the Drug Enforcement Agency used its emergency powers Wednesday to ban Spice and other “fake pot” products that mimic the effects of marijuana. The DEA is authorized to take emergency action to avoid “an imminent public health crisis” while research continues.

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