The schedule for this year’s CAAF Judicial Conference, which will be held 9-10 March at Catholic University’s law school, is now available here.  And it’s quite an impressive lineup, including Andrew Pincus on SCOTUS litigation, Professor Douglas Berman on child pornography law, General Chiarelli on judge advocates’ role, Peter Grande on DOD confinement (would it be too tacky if I asked him to sign my copy of his book?), and Professor Stephen Gillers on legal ethics.

2 Responses to “CAAF posts impressive schedule for 9-10 March Judicial Conference”

  1. Dew_Process says:

    Why is CAAF so reluctant to have anything about CAAF practice and procedures at the CAAF Judicial Conference? Certainly subjects such as “Effective Writ Practice,” or “What Makes a Petition for Review Attractive to the Court,” are more relevant to the members of CAAF’s Bar than Disaster Relief in Haiti!

  2. Bill C says:

    I wish they would post these schedules further in advance. Unless you are a government employee in DC it is awfully hard to clear your schedule on less than a month’s notice.