The Navy Times reports here that Commander, Naval Legal Service Command has relieved the Commanding Officer of Region Legal Service Office Japan, citing a failure “to adequately resource, supervise and oversee” the prosecution Lieutenant Commander Anthony Velasquez.  Last summer Stars and Stripes reported that women sexually assaulted by Velasquez were surprised to learn after trial of a pretrial agreement limiting Velasquez’s confinement to seven days.

2 Responses to “Commander, Naval Legal Services Command relieves RLSO Japan CO”

  1. BattleJAG says:

    Very saddened to see this. I think Rex deserved more loyalty from above. While I don’t agree with the PTA that was reached, Rex’s DFC is about the VWAP, not the PTA. The negotiated PTA was approved by the Flag; we don’t know the underlying justifications that were considered. VWAP compliance is the issue.

    DJAG could have inspected any command in NLSC or in the Fleet and discovered that the VWAP program was broken everywhere. We do not execute it uniformly, nor well. Zero defect mentality is alive and well in the JAGC.

  2. Anon says:


    Loyalty from above? If the investigation revealed a failure of leadership and supervision, shouldn’t there be a consequence for that? When loyalty prevails over an objective determination about misconduct/failure of leadership, isn’t that a bit corrupt?

    From one junior officer’s perspective, loyalty has won out over fairness/objectivity too many times when it comes to failures at senior levels….this has led to skepticism, disappointment and disenchantment with the JAG community and how it addresses these kinds of issues.

    It seems that this was not just about VWAP nor was it just about the PTA. It was about failure of supervision and leadership, at many levels.

    But until (if they are) more facts are disclosed, I believe proper deference is due to the results of the investigation that was a predicate to this removal decision. And loyalty should not be a factor in what should be an objective determination.