You may remember Michael Hastings as the fellow who wrote the controversial article in Rolling Stone about General McCrystal that resulted in him being relieved of his command post in Afghanistan. Hastings is now finding himself in some hot water after the source he relied on for a second controversial article turned out to be an unreliable “disgruntled officer” providing false information.

Recently, Hastings wrote an article accusing LTG Caldwell of using “Psy Ops” to influence U.S. Senators visiting Afghanistan. As it turns out, his source, LTC Michael Holmes, is not a PsyOps officer and he has been in trouble for various violations of the UCMJ, including using duty time and DoD assets to promote his own business.

In his article Hastings suggests that Holmes resisted orders to gather information about incoming visitors to Afghanistan because of his concern that using Psy Ops against them is inappropriate. However, it now appears that he did so because he felt this was beneath his dignity.

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