The Virginian Pilot reports that the CO and Command Master Chief for the USS STOUT (DDG 55) were relieved for loss of confidence in their ability to lead.  The story reports that

Ten sailors, including the highest-ranking officer and the highest enlisted sailor, aboard the Norfolk-based destroyer Stout have been removed from the ship over concerns about “a pervasive pattern of unprofessional behavior in overseas ports and a substandard command climate,” the Navy said Tuesday.

The service said Cmdr. Nathan Borchers and the command master chief, Susan Bruce-Ross, were not involved in misconduct. They were fired because the Navy lost confidence in their ability to lead the crew, a news release said.

In other news, the WSJ reports that a jury convicted former Army Major Eddie Pressley of 22 counts of bribery, fraud, conspiracy and money-laundering on Tuesday.  Major Pressley and his wife “were accused of accepting $2.8 million in bribes between 2004 and 2006. Now, each faces a maximum sentence of 75 years in prison, U.S. officials say.”  Prior CAAFlog coverage here.

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